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Between Hope & Fear

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Fear, anxiety and uncertainty.... these are feelings that have been knocking on my door much more lately.... How has it been for you? As a Health and Wellness Coach I practice what I here are my two cents on how to face negative emotions like in our current circumstances...

Step 1. Allow yourself to feel it... name it then ask yourself.... what are the benefits of choosing to feel uncomfortable feelings? Yes, to acknowledge them and to go through them - because the only way out is through.

Step 2. Ask yourself what is it in for you to sit with the feeling? My answer is.... I chose for myself to slow down, to feel that increased intense emotion - the pain and the fear and ask myself... What should I do with this? What is the opportunity?

Step 3. Make a list of "the bright side of things"/opportunities COVID19 has brought to your life... Slow down? More time at home with loved ones? Giving yourself time to think and count your blessings? Have perspective about your current circumstances based on the rest of the world or maybe less fortunate people you know?

Step 4. Invite a positive feeling next to knock on your door... HOPE? that's my choice.

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