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Want to get a lean and clean body? Join the free group!

After more than a dozen years as a functional nutritionist and mindful-eating practitioner, I have seen hundreds of women frustrated by a constant feeling of fatigue, mood swings, bloating and stubborn weight gain. This often means not only that they find it hard to show up for work, family and friends, but they also feel uncomfortable in their own skin. I want to change that through Functional Nutrition.

One of the biggest misunderstandings is thinking that nutrition is all about weight loss, i.e. eating foods with the least amount of fats and carbs in order to reduce calories. But this couldn't be more wrong! Nutrition is about bringing health and balance to the body, because once the internal systems of the body (digestive, hormonal, immune, etc.) are balanced, a surge in energy, reduced inflammation, less auto-immune responses, and a healthy weight will naturally follow.

One good example I often see in my clients is the root reason why they can't lose weight. They think it's how much they are eating, when the truth is the cause is WHAT they are eating.

A diet make out of processed foods loaded with added sugars and fats, and very little whole foods high in nutrients, means that you are only feeding the part of the gut that eats sugars! While the rest of the microorganisms that live there starve. This kills the diversity of the gut and results in annoying digestive symptoms, constant inflammation, mood swings, very little energy throughout the day and irresistible food cravings... The real reason behind the weight gain is an unbalanced gut! And it doesn't stop there, because and unbalanced gut means the hormonal system will also be thrown off balance, the immune system won't be able to function properly, the cells cannot produce energy, etc. etc... a true chain reaction.

As someone that has gone through an eating disorder and knows first hand how it is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, with pain, aches and lack of self-acceptance and self-esteem, I consider it my mission to help other women to get rid of those awful feelings and achieve the internal balance they need to feel healthy, full of energy, detoxed, with a lean body that feels right and allows you to feel sexy and full of self-love.

I want other women to know this is possible: You can get lean, healthy and at the top of your game by taking care of your body and reach internal balance. All it takes is to learn how this balance works, be aware of your triggers, know how to chose the best foods, and take it one meal at the time.

This is why I'm inviting women everywhere to be part of my FREE FACEBOOK GROUP. In this community we will share tips, tools and information about Functional Nutrition. The group is aimed at women who are looking for a transformation: A leaner and cleaner body, and steady levels of energy throughout the day so they can show up for work, family and friends. Join now and be part of our community.

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