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Hello and thank YOU for wanting to learn more about me. I am excited you are here and want to share with you my knowledge of food and it’s impact on health and longevity.  

I have been providing nutritional counseling in my private practice for over 15 years and helped countless clients like you lose the weight for good while building a healthy relationship with food, enjoying life and regaining health and vitality. 

You can read all my professional credentials at the bottom of the page. But first let me tell you the story that shows why I’m qualified to help you, how I’ve helped others, and how passionate I really am.

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My Story

I grew up a chubby kid since the age of 9 and I didn’t know where I fit for most of my life. I was not happy with my body nor with my continuous struggles.

I was weight and body image conscious and hence I started gaining interest in food as means to get answers. At this young age I started reading food labels and thought I had the answer to my struggle with weight… I needed to eat fewer calories than the ones I consumed. I used exercise to make up for the extra calories I had consumed, always trying a bunch of diets and going hungry without seeing results and feeling good about myself. I felt moody, was not able to focus and felt drained most of the time. 


As a result of this I always thinking that there was a magic diet out there for me, however the search was endless. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 11 and thought this was the answer to my inability to lose weight. I was put on thyroid medication and felt a bit better and a few pounds fell off, however I was still unhappy and seeking for the “magic diet”. Later as I continued to struggle with my weight I tried all kinds of diets and none of them worked and it was so frustrating and I got sick of it. 

THE TURNING POINT… and the TRIGGER FOR A CHANGE was struggling with a very emotional and physically taxing eating disorder triggered by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) while living in Berlin, Germany. I really struggled with anorexia, binge eating disorder and bulimia for 5 years.


After recovering, I decided to go to school to study nutrition. Now I am so grateful to dedicating my life to helping people to help people overcome the struggles with weight, regain their energy vitally and feel good about themselves by developing a healthy relationship with food. Now I've discovered I don’t have to earn the right to eat by exercising and that I can still enjoy my favorite foods and eat to live without feeling deprived nor going hungry. I have dedicated my life to help people lose weight and keep it off while making peace with food and living a vibrant and healthy life.  



I follow a functional and integrative client centered approach, which look at food as information for our body and at the root causes of things and body’s imbalances … my job is to resolve the problem, not just manage symptoms.


I learned about the microbiome and how essential a role it plays in EVERYTHING, and its specific role in gastrointestinal disorders. I learned how to use diet and supplements to positively influence mood, energy levels, optimal conversion of calories into fuel and/or tissues, the microbiome and the gut lining. Now, these were things I never learned through my weight loss struggle experience for half my life. Oh, if only I had found functional medicine/nutrition sooner!!


There are many ways to eat while enjoying food as well as manage chronic conditions that don’t involve prescriptions which only act mask symptoms without putting the fire out.

I can talk to you as a fellow sufferer.

Let me show you how to get well!

Natalia Garcia Licensed Nutritionist Bradenton Florida


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