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"I was tired and with body aches... always craving bread and sweets, emotionally attached to food, it was my comfort zone."


"I was blaming my age (58) and statins for my body aches, I was taking omeprazol almost every day for my acid reflux and even thought I was doing Keto, I wasn’t doing it right - I was dieting during weekdays but then I’d prize myself with sweets and carbs during the weekend for doing it.

From the beginning Natalia explained what she considered would be a good plan for me, and what I liked the most, is that she never pushed me to do things but showed me with scientific facts why she considered I needed a detox from my bad habits. I believed her and followed her treatment!

Natalia gave me the tools to start a gluten, sugar and dairy free plan to detox my body, after a month, no more bloating, acid reflux, body aches, improved blood work, 24 pounds down and the best of all, now I’m in control of my cravings. Now, I’m able to stop and think if it’s worth it, now I’m a smart eater

Natalia is very personable, she listens and accommodate what is best for you. What I like the most is that she is flexible to my schedule and just a text away if I have a question or concern. I definitely recommend her, she won’t disappoint you, I promise."

Now Dinora enjoys a life FREE FROM SYMPTOMS. After following the program, she not only lost weight but has a different relationship with food that has transformed her life and health!!!

Hear more about Dinora's amazing ongoing journey

Dinora's Story

"When I started working with Natalia, I weighted 220 lbs and had high cholesterol, brain fog and a consistent lack of energy.

My transformation and weight loss happened when I realized the ways I was using food were not healthy. I wasn't aware of the eating habits I have evolved since childhood that prompted me to eat for emotional support. I ate when I was sad, stressed, or even happy... 

Natalia introduced me to MINDFULNESS BASED EATING which gave me the tools to know where my hunger is coming from and how to nourish my body properly. She gave me the space to be kind to myself and to stop blaming myself for my learned habits.

Now I have the skills and awareness. Most importantly, I have changed my whole perspective on food."

Meredith's Story

Thomas' Story

"Before working with Natalia my overall health was……okay. Not good but not really terrible either. Digestive health has been a life-long issue of mine so that was not great. There were several blood work related flags: high BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. It is safe to say that was overweight.


I had started back at a gym but still had some ways to go to get into better shape.
I knew I was stuck in the area of diet. Broadly speaking, I knew when I wasn’t eating good things, but I didn’t know how to eat well in any sort of specific way. In the past I had relied on youth and just eating less bad things to get by but as time rolled on that was no longer cutting it. Natalia was recommended by a colleague of mine who had gone to see her. That colleague saw some success in following her advice, so I figured I’d give her a try.

With Natalia I learned how to eat better. I now have a series of tools in my tool chest that I can use when shopping for food to help me find new things I want to eat. On top of that, I have added a few quick & easy recipes for things I can make rather than snack on something less good for me. Also learned how helpful it was to improve my gut health. My entire life I’ve had digestive issues and after cleaning up what I eat and following Natalia’s advice those issues have been greatly reduced if not eliminated.

In February of 2021 I weighed 234 pounds. By the time I first met with Natalia in July of 2021 I had worked that down to 225 pounds. 6 months later, in January 2022, I was down to 197 pounds, and in June 2022 I currently sit at 188 pounds. So, I managed to lose 9 pounds on my own and then 37 more, so far, after following her advice. Cholesterol and triglycerides have improved on my blood work; I’ve been successfully operating without any caffeine and my digestive issues are gone.

If you can honestly tell her what is going on with how/what you are eating, any digestive issues, etc. and she will help you figure out how to get from where you are towards where you want to go. I’ve wanted to get into better shape for some time. I made some progress on my own but, by far, the best thing I did to achieve that has been to see Natalia."

Janine's Story

"I was eating out of boredom... a lot of fast and processed foods. I was tired all the time and all my blood work was in the red range.
After working my Natalia my cholesterol is down from 283 to 148, and my blood sugar went from 200 to 87!"

Vicky's Story

"No more omeprazol, no more GERD, no more stomach ache...
Rebalancing my gut means I am full of energy and 13lbs lighter"

"Before working with Natalia, my stomach hurt constantly, and I battled irregular bowel movements, bloating and constipation.  My digestive health was a wreck and I had weight issues.  I could not seem to get or keep the pounds off.

I had struggled with acid reflux and GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and was on Omperazole everyday, which did not seem to provide much relief.

I decided to contact Natalia to discuss with her my health concerns, as I was tired of being tired and not feeling good.  I chose her to be my coach because I had heard good things about her and thankfully, she is in our insurance network and available to me. 

 I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but committed to several months of a gut health plan and a change in eating habits, ridding myself of sugars, caffeine, unhealthy fats, began eating cleaner and drinking lots of water.

I noticed quickly that by getting rid of the sugars, white foods and caffeine, that I felt better, and the intake of water was helping flush my system and was hydrating my skin. 

During this journey, I lot 13 lbs and have managed to keep it off.


My gut health regime was to remove unhealthy gut bacteria, repair my gut lining, replace nutrients and repopulate with good bacteria.  Within a couple of weeks, I was feeling better than I had in a very long time.  I no longer felt chronically fatigued, bloated or had headaches. I am no longer taking the Omperazole as I no longer experience the acid reflux or GERD.

I appreciate the fact that Natalia worked with me, understanding what foods I liked and did not like and coming up with work arounds to incorporate those foods.  She was encouraging, never judgmental and did not make me feel like a failure if I had a bad day or two.  She would go over with me what had happened and evaluated what I had eaten to help me see what went wrong and gave me tips and ideas that absolutely worked.


In addition to the gut health supplements, she recommended an awesome immune system support supplement and a Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D liquid that is fabulous.  The fibermend supplement she recommended has also been a great item, because I am not a breakfast eater, so I can make a shake and drink it on the way to work.  It is filling and has helped with my weight."

Bridget's Story

"I was not in a good place when I meet with Natalia
I wanted to beat my sugar addiction and loose weight.
I wasn't drinking enough water, and was eating and drinking
to satisfy emotions and not to fuel my body.

After less than 3 months, I have lost 22.4 lbs mostly of body fat! Thanks to Natalia's guidance, I was able to change my diet and start a supplement regime that allow me to change
my body composition from fat into lean muscle."

After working together, Bridget lost weight, build muscle, got rid of Candidiasis, detoxified her body and even stop having shingles, which she used to have 6-8 times per year! Her skin looks better and has steady energy levels throughout the day. Her persistence is truly an inspiration.

Jolene's Story

"My life revolved around food...
I ate when I was hungry
I ate when I was sad
I ate when I was bored...

I was never successful managing my weight because I was always hungry"

After following the 90 Day Program, Jolene found the key to loose weight and improve her blood work: A different way to see food! She realized her weight issues stemmed from her relationship with food. After turning her view and understanding of food around, the changes started to happen quickly!

"I was skeptical at the beginning but I learned how to eat better, how to do better substitutions without sacrificing flavor, seeing results almost immediately.
The meals were delicious and satisfying, I was done cooking in 30 minutes or less!

I can continue to do it on my own because I learned how to eat.
Thank you for showing me the healthy and easy way to live"

Melissa & John's Story

After 6 weeks Melissa has her autoimmune disorder under control and  lost 24 lbs and John not only loose 27 lbs but he also got his blood pressure down from 134 to 115, and he is on track to stop tacking some of his medicines.

"We didn’t knew how to change our eating habits, how to change our recipes and long time ideas about food.
When we started learning we realized it was easier than we thought! Overall it is really not that difficult. We did a hands on cooking experience and learned how to make little changes to recipes to fit them into our healthy lifestyle."

Mary's Story

"I had tried a lot of diets and workout routines, but I never worked with a nutritionist before. After finding out my blood work was out of range, I decided to give it a shot.
Working with Natalia got me where I wanted to be. I lost over 15 pounds and I the inflammation went right down, eliminating joint pain"

natalie wedding husband wix.jpg

Natalie's Story

"I lost 15 pounds and 3 1/2 inches in my waist in 8 weeks!""

natalie wedding husband wix.jpg

"I was overweight borderline obese, I exercised 3 times a week and thought I was eating right and the weight wasn’t coming off.  I was wanting to lose weight for my wedding to fit into my dress I bought online that wouldn’t zip up.


I knew I needed a change in my diet but did really know where to start.

Natalia helped me fit into my wedding dress, I lost 15 pounds AND 3 ½ Inches in my waist in 8 weeks by following her meal plan and increasing my exercise intensity. I have changed my outlook on eating.


I use to binge eat to make myself feel good at that moment and now I realize how unhealthy that was.  I’m not bloated and I have regular bowel movements now. I would highly recommend Natalia if you are looking to change your eating lifestyle for the better."

Richard's Story

No longer Pre-diabetic and nor need for medication

“This was a life-changing experience for me it brought my health back in to check, out of the pre-diabetic range, lowered my cholesterol levels, drop 14lbs going to the gym 3 times a week.


Natalia taught me how to eat right what kinds of foods what to look for and what to look out for overall a very good experience.”

Courtney's Story

"No other doctor ever thought
to test me for candida and heavy metal toxicity"

Courtney came to see me because she was very inflamed, bloated, never feeling hungry, and often irritable, tired
and anxious. She knew she needed help after years of struggling with chronic health issues without long term relief from the many doctors she had seen throughout the years. Doctors tended to dismiss her feeling sick and tired because they didn't found the root cause of her health issues!!!

When we meet we were able to look for the underlying health issues to her many symptoms. We found out she had low magnesium levels, vitamin B and D deficiency, high mercury in her blood, and HER GUT WAS OVERRUN WITH CANDIDA.

"For the past 6 months, Natalia has helped me with getting to the

root cause. No other doctor ever

though to test me for candida

and heavy metal toxicity.

It wasn’t until I began working with Natalia that she discovered high

candida overgrowth and mercury.
She has taught me how to eat more balanced meals by rotating my foods, introducing new foods,
and learning to eat a variety. I’m also learning about my relationship

with food and to overcome
some fears from past experiences

With guidance on the right foods to eat, she is no longer inflamed, she lost some extra pounds and managed to re-balance her gut. That is right. No more bloat, no more stubborn weight gain, her clothes fit better and her food cravings are gone.

Jane's Story

"We are back on the wagon!

I've seen at least 3 other nutritionists in the last 20 years with no hope of getting my husband to go AND no desire to go back to any of them. Natalia is the exception! My husband and I have been seeing Natalia for the past 4 years and have had only good results. We both are aware that change comes from within however having Natalia helping us to obtain our goals makes the change happen. I think so much of Natalia I've hired her to help my daughter on her path to healthy living, which has helped her tremendously. Have the 3 of us fallen off the wagon? absolutely, but we also get back on the wagon which is not something we used to do. Thank you Natalia for being a precious part of our family."

Joyce's Story

My digestive issues are gone

“Natalia understands people and their struggles in becoming healthier and gives them the tools to become successful.


She also investigates the symptoms that can cause difficulties in losing weight and those involving digestive problems. Were it not for her, I would not have known that I had a condition known as SIBO. Her recommendation to enlist my doctor's help in specific testing for several possible causes for my digestion problems was spot on and I no longer need to take medications to relieve the symptoms that had stalled my enjoyment of healthy foods.

Specific plans for dealing with food allergies, sensitivities, medical concerns meal planning, tools, tips and planning for healthier living are her talent. She knows her stuff, but is also one of the nicest people you would ever want to work with which helps YOU reach YOUR goals.

Jenn's Story

After just 2 months, she lost weight and food no longer consumes her thoughts

Jenn was always 'naturally thin', ate relatively good and ran regularly. However she was slowly gaining weight until she realized she was as heavy as she had ever been... One day her blood work showed her cholesterol was off the roof!
She looked at the mirror and made the decision to change, and that is when we started working together.

"I have learned so much about food– what I should be eating and when I should be eating it – that I never knew!

I have also, for the first time in my life,
learned how to view food. 

In other words, I now
know that food is for nutrition

and fuel, not for comfort
or celebration. 

I have a completely different
relationship with food now, which has almost entirely ELIMINATED MY CRAVINGS FOR UNHEALTHY FOODS.
I no longer snack all day long, and I make good choices without feeling deprived.

Recent blood work done by my doctor indicated my cholesterol is coming down.  After just 2 months,
I have lost 5 pounds of fat and

gained 0.9 pounds of lean

muscle mass.  My percent body fat
has come down by 2.4% and my BMI is down by 0.9. 
While numbers are great to look at,
the best measurement of my success

has been how I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit. 
I was always bloated because of what

I was eating, and all of that is gone now, along with some fat. 
While I’m not yet where I ultimately want to be, I already feel so much better about myself now!"

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