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Fitness & Sports Nutrition

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet!

Natalia Garcia, Licensed Health Coach

Functional Nutrition coaching for fitness enthusiasts and athletes is one of my passions! I hold it close to my heart, not only because I worked closely with young professional athletes at the IMG Academy, but because as a World Class Tennis player myself, I know the importance of having the right fuel for top level performance, counteracting fatigue, long term development and prevent injuries.

We'll boost your health at a cellular level, multiplying your energy and repairing your cells from the inside.

Did you know that you can actually turn your body into a fat burning machine and enhance your body composition simply by modifying and improving your eating habits?

The quality of the food you eat is more important than the calories, and when you eat can be just as important as what you eat. It’s also true that muscle weight is a more important indicator of health than total weight. With my Body Composition Program, you will maximize weight loss and change the fat and muscle ratio in your body. You will have the tools to maintain a toned and strong body.

Body Composition Program
Sports Nutrition Program

What can a professional research-based sports nutrition program do for your body? With my Sports Nutrition Program, you will learn that you don’t need to deprive your body of food in order to succeed. All of you need is the right education to know which specific foods to include in your diet and which to avoid, and complementing your eating plan with selective supplements to allow your body to repair itself effectively.


By selecting the right food choices at the right times, you can maintain a strong metabolism, strengthen your body composition, and meet all of your athletic goals.

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