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MODULE 5 - Recharge Your Inner Wisdom

Learn about the wisdom of the gut and how dieting and most fad diets disconnects you from our inner wisdom. When following a diet, we lose touch with how much food we need, what are our hunger signals, and how fullness feels like. 

With Mindfulness-Based Eating science based techniques I will help you cultivate self-awareness to reconnect with your specific needs and experiences.


Overeating: How to Identify Triggers
4:30 mins

Choosing Mindful Eating Over Dieting
4 mins

Creating Space for Awareness
4 mins

Stress and Emotional Eating
3 mins

Eating In Control vs Out of Control
6 mins

Tips & Notes

  • What are your emotional triggers? Reflect on this question with an open heart and write down your answers. They will come in handy for Module 8.

  • Share your  findings of hunger and fullness awareness in the Facebook Group


• Complete your ‘Keep in Balance’ worksheet

• Fill in your 'Mental Check-In' worksheet

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