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MODULE 1- Introduction to Your Transformation

­Learn about the 5 pillars that sustain this program Autoimmune Wellness Revolution - Transform your health, transform your life.


Get clarity and know all you get to support your transformation through these 12 weeks.


Get familiar with the Fundamentals of Functional Nutrition. 


Get detailed instructions on how to complete the modules and how to use all the tools and resources provided i.e Healthie, Meal Garden, stool test collection etc.



Introduction to Your Transformation
13 mins

Functional Nutrition Principles
7 mins

Motivation and instructions for this and upcoming modules

11 mins



Tips & Notes

If you want to know more about how to use the online platform Healthie, you can check this resource.

If you want to know more about how to use the online platform Mealgarden, you can check this resource.

Remember to set yourself up for success by:

  1)  Go through each module as instructed

  2)  Do your prep-phase as indicated

  3)  Complete your HEALTHIE profile portal and forms as indicated 

  4)  Download HEALTHIE app 

  5)  Download/ refer to resources

  6)  Do your homework 

  7)  Show up for group course review calls

  8)  Schedule your on-boarding and follow ups 

  9)  Be diligent with your journal


Set a vision for your body and health. Then commit to:

1. Stop doing something that has not worked for you 

2. Start doing something that can be helpful to achieve your vision

3. Even if it is hard, don’t quit, keep doing your work towards your vision.



  • Collect stool test ASAP

  • Complete Prep Phase and Checklist

  • Complete form on HEALTHIE as indicated

  • Make an inventory of the habits that are setting you back

  • Download your documents

  • Schedule onboard 1:1 meeting after completing Module 2

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