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MODULE 2 - What is needed from you to succeed

Be clear on which steps and actions, including key mindset shifts you need to take to succeed throughout your transformation 


Have a detoxed kitchen to ongoing sustained energy and vibrant health


13 mins

Do's and Don'ts
8 mins

The Carrot Test
2 mins

Developing habits
10 mins


Tips & Notes

Remember to collect your stool test ASAP. It's key to determine the best nutritional care for you.

A word about hydration:

Limit drinking with meals! Space fluids 15-30 minutes apart from meals 

Sample Hydration schedule:

•6am: 10 oz upon wake up

•7 - 9 am: 20 oz

•9 – 11 am: 20 oz

•1 – 3pm: 20 oz

•4 – 6pm: 20 oz 

Water total = 90 oz


Collect stool test ASAP

•Complete Added Sugar Evaluation fillable pdf

•Complete forms on HEALTHIE as indicted 

•Make an inventory of habits that are setting you back 

•Download documents

•Schedule on-boarding 1:1 after completing week 3

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