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MODULE 3 - What’s Sabotaging Your Health, Longevity & Weight Loss Efforts

Acquire lifelong knowledge about how your gut and immune systems get out of balance and what you can do to keep them in balance for life.


Know the ins and outs of leaky gut, how this ties into autoimmunity, unhealthy bacteria living in your gut and how to fix using food as medicine, lifestyle changes and natural remedies.


What’s the Gut and Why is it So Important
15 mins

Understanding Gut Health and the 5R
12 mins

5R Framework for Gut Restoration
3 mins

The Big Saboteur
9 mins

20 mins

Reinoculate and Repopulate
23 mins

Leaky Gut
17 mins

Rest and Digest
18 mins

Rest and Digest Tips
7 mins


  • What is Sabotaging Your Health, Longevity and Weight Loss Efforts? - This document explains the science of the imbalances that occur in the digestive system such as unhealthy microbiota and pathogenic overgrowth, which can lead to leaky gut and all have an impact on your health and weight consequences from not addressing these. 

  • Pro Tips to Help Leaky Gut - This document explains the science about leaky gut. Get to know the ins and outs of leaky gut, what it is, when it starts and how to heal it. 

  • Homemade Salad Dressings - This document lists simple salad dressing recipes with 3-7  ingredients to keep your meals flavorful and sustain clean eating habits. 

  • Healthy Desserts Guide - Are you craving a healthy treat? This document has recipes for homemade treats that you can enjoy when you want something sweet. 

Tips & Notes

Remember what you must record in your journal:

•Food (picture and short description)

•Symptoms (bloated, fatigued, brain fogged..)

•Hunger – Fullness scale

•Self reflection 

•Weekly Weight

•Water intake 



Collect samples if you haven't done so.

•Keep up with your journal

•Complete Added Sugar Evaluation fillable pdf

•Complete Digestive Health questionnaire

•Make an inventory of foods and habits that are sabotaging you

•Download resources and documents

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