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Functional Solutions

Boosting health at a cellular level

A functional solution against fatigue and energy deficiency disorders.

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Clinicians have seen an increase in vague, pain and fatigue dominant conditions - like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Disorder - conditions where people, just don't feel like themselves. Find out how repairing your mitochondria can boost your health and make you feel like yourself again.

Mitochondria: The Key of Energy Production.


The mitochondria is a lighting bolt of stored energy. It produces and stores energy at a biochemical level, a well-functioning mitochondria produces energy (about 90% of it), generates water to held together and repair DNA, carries out cell signaling, produces heat, eliminates damaged cells, prevents mutations that might lead to cancer, regulates detoxification, produces steroid hormones, and guarantees optimal organ performance.

Mitochrondrial Dysfunction Wheel
We have over 10.2 quadrillion mitochondria in our body.
Health truly happens at a
mitochondrial level.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the body, when it's health is compromised, our entire health is compromised because the body can't make enough energy. The body needs a lot of energy to function, and even a 5% loss of energy can result in anxiety, depression, headaches and seizures.


When the mitochondria is working properly, you'll notice an increase in energy levels and more restorative sleep, but your body will also be better equipped to fight fatigue, age-related deterioration, and disease.

Cellular Energy and Drainage Mitochrondria

Get in touch with me to start with a mitochondrial health supplementation plan right away and feel like yourself again.

The Cornerstone of the Immune System.


The mitochondria is also a part of the healing process that starts and ends with recovery. It performs some defense functions, allowing the normal communication between neighboring and distant cells, that is the last step of the cellular recovery process.

Mitochondria are energy creators and critical activators of

the immune system. Those that are stuck in chronic illness are stuck in

cell danger response.

Luckily, there are great advances in mitochondrial health, with new very high-quality supplements at the edge of bio-science that treat the root cause of energy dysfunction.

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