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Are You Struggling with Fatigue?

Energy disorders are becoming more prevalent, and All ROOT level solutions for fatigue start with the mitochondria.

Do you know there is one tiny part that generates most of the chemical energy that powers your body?

This microscopic part responsible for powering your body and filling you with energy throughout the day is the MITOCHONDRIA!

Clinicians have seen an increase in vague, pain and fatigue dominant conditions - like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Disorder - conditionswhere people, just don't feel like themselves, with thoughts like:

"Why can't I just get it together? I never used to be like this"

"Maybe it's all in my head, I just don't feel normal"

"The doctor says there's nothing wrong but I know

something isn't right"...


The symptoms are vague and difficult to pinpoint:

Brain fog,

Weight gain,

Inability to loose weight,

Muscle and joint pain,


Food and chemical sensitivities,

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome),

Mood problems, and

Balance problems.

There's just this feeling of exhaustion that doesn't improve with bed rest and gets worse with physical activity, mental exertion, anxiety or stress.

There are many culprits for the rise of these conditions - from environmental toxins to chronic inflammation - but it's mostly traced back to MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION!!!

Because all these disorders have one thing in common: We are dealing with an ENERGY CRISIS!!

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the body, when it's health is compromised, our entire health is compromised because the body can't make enough energy.

All organs and body systems require energy to function, so the mitochondria potential to affect the body is tremendous.

How can we solve this energy crisis?

The overall strategy is to boost mitochondrial health.

Luckily, there have been great advances in the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction!

New protocols provide 'charged particles' - electrons, hydrogen ions (protons), and oxygen - the backbone of the mitochondria that stimulate cellular repair and promote detoxification.

These are very high quality formulas with the latest advances in bio-science, using carbon technology that maximize their effectiveness - contact me to get started!

Treating this energy crisis at the ROOT level, will allow you to feel rejuvenated and back to your usual self. Together we can recharge your body's powerhouse again!

Let's get you a personalized protocol plan TO FIGHT FATIGUE, so you can feel like yourself again!

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