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MODULE 4 - Making Food Work For You

Have access to Natalia’s hand crafted and approved recipes, menu plans, healthy dessert guides, evaluations, planners, tips and tools  to nourish your vibrant self and use these for the rest of your life 


Learning a meal planning system that actually works and will streamline your week leaving you time to do what you like to do (work out and enjoy your family?)


Get the science behind the fads for calories, carbs, fiber, fats and proteins to free you from doubt and overwhelm when it comes to making food choices for you and your family


Make Food Work for You
14 mins

7 mins

7 mins

10 mins

Putting It All Together
14 mins


  • Omega 3 EvaluationThis document provides an overview of omega 3 fatty acids, a short evaluation to assess if you are consuming enough omega 3 rich foods. This document also offers a screening of health conditions and symptoms linked to omega 3 deficiencies. -

  • Eating Fiber - This document provides an overview of the benefits of consuming functional fibers coming from whole unprocessed foods. Examples of how an individual can consume enough grams of fiber throughout the day are given with a complimentary chart listing grams of fiber per food group. Lastly, this document has questions to assess how an individual will eat enough fiber and which fiber rich foods will be consumed.

  • Chart Protein Content in Common Foods - This document provides a chart of plant based protein foods and animal based protein foods. This chart lists grams per amount of plant based and animal based protein foods.

  • Fish & Mercury Wallet - This document is a pocket size guide to know how to best eat fish without exceeding your toxicity threshold.

Tips & Notes

Don't forge to share on the Facebook Group:

  • Before and after pictures of your fridge and pantry

  • Meals you plan on making

  • Processed foods you are letting go of


•Keep up with your journal

•Complete Meal Plan Template

•Download resources and documents

•Schedule call to go over meal plan implementation

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