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Mindfulness-Based Eating

Dieting disconnects us from our inner wisdom. When following a diet, we loose touch with how much food we need, what are our hunger signals, and how fullness feels like. That is why Mindfulness-Based Eating (MB-EAT) helps you cultivate self-awareness to reconnect with your specific needs and experiences, and transforms your relationship with food and your own body.

This approach is backed by years of research into obesity, eating disorders and the therapeutic value of meditation. MB-EAT has proven to be a valuable tool for the treatment of obesity, mindless eating, overeating and binge eating disorder (BED) and related issues. The program involves training in mindfulness meditation and guided mindfulness practices that are designed to address the core issues of BED and related habits. It improves the sense of self-control with regarding to eating and diminishes depression symptoms.

The skills obtained when we use mindful eating awareness will allow you to become more aware of internal physical hunger signals. When we work together you will learn to discern between physical feelings of physical hunger and other triggers for eating, especially emotional triggers. MB-EAT includes a variety of practices in mindful meditation including self compassion, mindful eating, hunger and body awareness, body positivity, mindful movement, attending to emotions, move from reacting to responding, internalizing change and more. 


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