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Functional Medicine Nutrition

Do you suspect a food intolerance, nutrient deficiency or imbalance and want to do something about it but not sure what is right for you? Maybe your doctor recommended lifestyle and diet changes and you want practical advise on how to get there. Or maybe you are not so sure how to define your medical concerns or questions.

I am happy to figure out a plan that is right for you!

I dig deep into the imbalances of your system, such as hormones, the gut or your toxic load, in order to correct the underlying causes of your health issues and bring your body into balance.

  • WHY ONE-ON-ONE? This is for you if….

    • Your doctor told you to follow a diet for a specific health condition 

    • Have strong cravings, feel brain fogged, bloated, fatigued, unable to keep the weight off

    • You are not sure how to go about nutrient deficiency, metabolic imbalance or food intolerance testing  

    • Have struggle with weight gain or dieting all your life but haven't found a sustainable solution

    • Suffer from unpleasant symptoms or a chronic condition

Find out more about my work and what i can do for you!


At times grocery stores can be overwhelming considering the dozens of brands or crackers. Hundreds of different brands of yogurt. I will come with you to the store and make brand recommendations based on their quality, medical condition and goals. You will learn how to find the information you need on nutrition labels and what ingredients to watch for and avoid. 

  • Are confused about the best “on the go” healthy quick and easy items on the shelf of freezer?

  • Can’t figure out how to follow your physician-prescribed diet? 

  • Wonder which brands and ingredients are right for you?

  • Want a greater variety of healthy easy to prepare meals that fit your budget?





I offer hands-on cooking lessons where I will guide you through how to prepare the right meals for your nutritional plan, the best cooking methods, and tips and tricks to make the preparation process as fast and easy as possible.

It might sound strange coming from a Registered Dietitian but... DIETS DON'T WORK! I have seen hundreds of people struggling with fad diets that are too restrictive and unrealistic as a long term strategy for achieving a healthy weight. What works is not dieting, but rather a new way of understanding and relating to food, and learning the tools for behaviour change.


When we work together we'll address metabolism and weight loss at a cellular level. You will learn which foods will boost your health, balance your gut, balance your hormones and help you to feel your best.

  • Are you stuck in a weight loss plateau?

  • Have you tried all diets under the sun without any success?

  • Did you lose weight after following a diet only to gain it back?

  • Do you struggle with cravings and overwhelming urges to eat?

  • Would you like to have a peaceful relationship with food?



Unfortunately, many nutritional and digestive conditions are difficult to catch because the symptoms are scattered and varied. For example, someone suffering from chronic fatigue, restless sleep and strong sugar cravings, might not relate these symptoms to a fungal infection in the gut.

That is why sometimes testing can shine a light on conditions whose explanation has evaded diagnosis. A functional nutrition lab test is the fastest and safest way to stop guessing what the problem is and start the proper treatment by addressing the ROOT CAUSE of the symptoms.

Here are a few of the conditions that we can test for:

Test, don't guess! Get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Do you know you can boost your health at a cellular level? A new generation of cutting-edge supplements use carbon technology to repair the POWERHOUSE of the cell: The mitochondria. A cellular health protocol is truly a roadmap to health!

  • Fight fatigue by increasing energy production directly on the cell.

  • Detox the toxins nested in the body's tissue.

  • Avoid disease by reinforcing the immune system.

  • Re-balance the hormonal system.


After years of professional practice, I have learned which are the health issues that affect most of the population. That's why I designed a series of programs with the most effective step by step strategies to achieve a particular health goal. Of course, as each person is different, my programs are tailored to each individual person.


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Nutrition Therapy

Throughout time, food and nutrition therapies have been used due to their medicinal properties as well as being responsible for many personal aliments. Nutrition Therapy (NT) is an evidence-based medical approach to treating chronic conditions through the use of an individually-tailored nutrition plan. This kind of nutrition therapy is often recommended by a physician and administered by an Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) to help treat an specific medical condition. NT is a key component for the treatment of metabolic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, etc. but it can also help to manage and reverse a wide range of conditions.

Nutrition Therapy is effective, affordable and backed with hard evidence. I work with your doctor recommended diet and create personalized plans that meet your specific dietary needs or restrictions to move you towards wellness and reduce your need for medication.


I will monitor and evaluate your progress, review lab tests, medication or health changes, to ensure your goals are being met and your health is optimized.

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