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Calories and Quality Carbs

I am an athlete and have been pretty active all my life. I have gone through seasons of my life where I go to the gym regularly and train. I used to do triathlons, and have played a lot of tennis. I actually played in the world cup for my country in 2019 and did pretty well.

A lot of people ask me, “How many calories should I eat? How many do I need to look well, feel well, have energy, and have a healthy body?” The answer is based on your height, weight, and how much physical activity you are doing. However, it is also based on the quality of the calories that you consume.

When it comes to carbohydrates the quality of the carbohydrate is going to be very important.. Healthy carbohydrates are those that your body can transform into useable energy for building muscles or other activities. A lot of people are very focused on macronutrients. While there are people who adjustments in their macronutrients, everyone is very different, and it is equally or more important to focus on the quality of carbohydrates you are consuming.

My favorite quality carbohydrates are sweet potatoes, beans, apples, and pears. They are packed with great fiber that feeds your gut. Your gut contains a ‘brain’ all its own and it communicates with your brain. This communication is called the gut-brain axis. If the gut isn’t healthy or doesn’t have the right species of bacteria and fungi, it can impact communication with your brain. This can cause food cravings, bloating, or tiredness, and may cause you to not eat as well. This impacts your ability to results, such as weight loss.

If you want to see results and learn how you can put this all together, I can help you so reach out to work with me! I can help you not only feel and look better, but also have better sleep, a good mood, and energy.

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