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Have you ever felt bloated, cramps, occasional reflux, fatigue, headaches, skin problemsand shortness of breath withoutany apparent reason?

Those very unpleasant physical reactions might be caused by sensitivity to food.

Food sensitivity is when you experience disruptive symptoms after eating certain foods that cause an inflammatory reaction related to stress, toxins or an infection WITHOUT A GENETIC COMPONENT this reaction triggers the immune system and damages the gut barrier and microbiome.

Food sensitivity, allergy or intolerance?

When they heard they have a food sensitivity, many of my clients think: 'Wait, but I have never been allergic to that!" and they are right, because food sensitivity is different than allergy or intolerance.

For example, only a small percentage of people are allergic to gluten (celiac disease) but a significantly larger amount of people are SENSITIVE TO GLUTEN

Just like it takes one rotten apple in a barrel to spoil the whole batch, just one piece of a food component that you are sensitive to can significantly impact your health.

Inflammation triggered by food sensitivity is an underlying problem for numerous conditions, and it might be the trigger to a wide range of unpleasant physical symptoms.

You might feel like persistent bloating, constant bowel movements or gut pain, is a natural way of being for you since you have felt these symptoms for a while already. You might think it is part of aging or it is because you had a hard week,. However, these symptoms might be a way of your body responding to foods that don’t agree with it or having a food sensitivity.

Find out what food sensitivity meant for Melissa’s life

What to do? Test, don’t guess!

Food sensitivities affect not just your digestive health, but can also compromise your gut’s integrity, emotional and physical health by impacting your immune system. 

Modern testing can identify sensitivity to up to 96 different foods. The advantage is that by testing for food sensitivity, an elimination diet can be designed and implemented to lower inflammation and improve the symptoms. By knowing exactly which foods are wreaking havoc in your body, we can take immediate action and device a tasty and satisfying meal plan that will take care of your gut.

Consider taking the food sensitive testing if you have one of the following conditions: 

  • Thyroid problems (primarily Hashimoto’s) 

  • Arthritis Brain fog Fatigue 

  • Digestive/Gut issues 

  • Auto-Immune issues 

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Brain fog and fatigue

  • Skin itchiness and redness

  • Joint pain, muscle stiffness and swelling

Do you suffer from obnoxious symptoms, think you might have a food sensibility

or are curious about what testing can do for you?

I'm here to help

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