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Overeating & Stress Eating

Do you know it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to register satiety (fullness)?

Or that scientists believe that eating while distracted - like driving or typing - may slow or stop digestion?

Over-eating, emotional eating, stress eating, relentless food cravings, or binge-eating disorders are all linked to weight regain.

It's well known that weight loss programs don't work in the long term. Around 85% of people with obesity who lose weight, return or exceed their previous weight within a few years. Eating without awareness of our own internal cues and needs, impacts the gut's balance and results not only in gaining weight but also in digestive issues.

SELF AWARENESS, which is cultivated through Mindfulness-Based Eating & Living can help you to be successful in sustainable weight loss, because it changes your eating patterns and reduces STRESS!

- one of the mayor culprits for weight loss, hormonal dysfunction and gut's imbalance -

This method has proven to be effective in treating binge-eating and related disorders. The food meditations and tools will allow you to change the negative feelings and thoughts associated with food and replace them with awareness, self-control and positive emotions.

The skills obtained when we use mindful eating awareness will allow you to become more aware of internal physical hunger signals vs eating from emotional triggers.
When we work together you will learn to discern between physical feelings of hunger and other triggers. MB-EAT includes a variety of practices in mindful meditation including:

  • Hunger And Body Awareness,

  • Body Positivity,

  • Mindful Movement,

  • Attending To Emotions,

  • Move From Reacting To Responding,

  • Mindful Eating,

  • Internalizing Change,

  • Self Compassion,

  • Cravings Practice,

  • Calling Forth Positive Emotions,

  • Surfing The Urge With Loving-Kindess,

  • Inner Wisdom,

  • Wisdom Of The Gut,

  • Mindfulness Of Thought.

I'll give you the tools, techniques, exercises, challenges, and guided food meditations to experience a sense of empowerment and encouragement.
Your relationship with food and your body will change for ever!

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