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Are Your Supplements Safe? The Crucial Role of Quality and Reliable Sources

Updated: Feb 6

Ever wondered if your supplements are doing what they promise? Turns out, not all of them do. Last week, a friend got this hormonal balance thing from Amazon, and the label raised more questions than answers. 

The Big Issue: What's in Those Pills?

Here's the deal – lots of supplements have sketchy labels. Missing info, unclear dosages – it's a mess. And it's not just a one-time thing. Many store-bought supplements have wrong labels, useless formulation that the body can't absorb, unclear ingredients, lack dosage information and sometimes, they're not even stored right.

In fact, these are most common and horrifying fillers found in your over the counter even supplement store company:

⛔ Maltodextrin - Linked to leaky gut

⛔ Artificial colors that are toxic and can cross the blood brain barrier,

⛔ Grain based fillers such as corn and rice derivatives which promote inflammation

⛔ Pro-inflammatory oils - such soybean oil - that are linked to heart and autoimmune disease

⛔ Dextrose and other types of sugar that simply shouldn't be there.


Why Quality Matters: Pros vs. Store Brands

You've got your regular store brands and then the high-quality, professional-grade ones. The big difference? Quality. The pros have high standards, correct bio-available formulas, and systems where third parties check if they actually work.

Quick reminder – the FDA doesn't check these things. A bunch of supplements in big stores had way less of the good stuff than they claimed. Even Amazon got some fakes on the shelves, and adverse effects can even send you to the ER.

The Cheap Trap: Think Twice Before You Go Cheap

Going for the cheapest option might not be the smart move. That bargain magnesium might wreck your stomach. Same with different kinds of iron and folic acid. Yeah, the professional brands might cost a bit more, but they're worth it simply because they actually work.

Watch Out for Sneaky Stuff: Quality Control is a Must

Even small things can mess up a supplement. Ever thought about the temperature in Amazon's warehouses? It can mess with the good stuff in your supplements.

Professional-grade brands? They're like supplement bodyguards. They check everything – from where they get the stuff to how they store it. 

Time for a Supplement Check!

Don't worry; I'm here to help! I am thrilled to introduce the Supplement Audit, a straight forward check where you send me pics of your supplements, and I'll tell you if they're the real deal or just fancy packaging!

So Are Your Supplements the Real Deal? I have seen way too many clients taking toxic supplements and it's time to do something about it!

Best of all? It's as easy as uploading photos of what you're taking! Click the button below and schedule a discovery call to get started!

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