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What’s Genes Got To Do With It? The Hidden Problems in Your DNA

Many of my clients come to me after experiencing relentless symptoms that impact their lives: constant pain, inflammation, poor sleep, bloating, brain fog, and more. Often, we can trace these issues back to internal imbalances like poor gut health or hormonal instability, but sometimes the root cause is woven into our DNA.

Jenna's Journey: Uncovering the Genetic Root.

Take my client Jenna, for example. She came to see me with a host of health problems that were making her life miserable. Not only that, but she was also suffering from incessant anxiety that permeated every aspect of her life. Nobody deserves to live under the weight of nonstop dread! So, I immediately ordered the functional tests that would reveal the root cause of Jenna’s pain.

The results were clear and quite surprising for Jenna. The source of her health issues was a gene affecting how her body worked, something she had no idea about. This revelation meant her troubles could be addressed with a tailored plan, and treatment was imminent. In the meantime, I started her on a supplement plan to manage her anxiety, which worked wonderfully and allowed her to start enjoying her life again.

Seven years later, Jenna is still following my advice and staying healthy. She’s so convinced of the transformative power of Functional Nutrition that she has been sending people my way ever since.

Elaine's Discovery: The Power of Testing.

Then there's Elaine. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease (a wheat allergy), she was still suffering from various symptoms that caused her pain and prevented her from living her life to the fullest: chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, bloating, cravings, and constant urinary tract infections. Even though she knew how to live ‘gluten-free,’ her doctors had no answers as to why she was still feeling “off.”

Determined to heal, Elaine came to see me to find out the root cause of her problems. We started with Functional Testing, which quickly revealed a cluster of hidden issues: the pathogenic bacteria Klebsiella, which can trigger autoimmune disease; high levels of heavy metals in her blood; and a genetic variation affecting how her body metabolized folate. This genetic variation was responsible for many functions, including detoxification and mood regulation!

These results meant her body couldn’t deal with toxic levels of bacterial overgrowth and couldn’t eliminate the heavy metals in her blood, resulting in a leaky gut that caused the bloating and intense sugar cravings. Thanks to Functional Testing, Elaine discovered the genetic root of her issues, the bacteria triggering her autoimmune disease, and the toxic metals invading her body.

Elaine was ecstatic to finally start a treatment that worked! She chelated the heavy metals out of her body, rebalanced her microbiome, and her digestive issues were gone. She no longer felt lethargic all the time. Even her doctor at the Cleveland Clinic was amazed at how much the testing had revealed and the profound effect it had on her health!.

Test, Don’t Guess!

Stories like Jenna’s and Elaine’s highlight why you just can’t underestimate testing. When the problem is hidden in your genetics—or deep within your body—it doesn’t pay to keep guessing. You can’t heal by moving forward blindly.

Very often, the symptoms we can see are the result of complex issues that we can’t see. Health issues are like the branches of a tree whose roots are buried deeply within our guts, hormones, blood, and genes. The only way to reveal these roots is through testing.

Your Path to Wellness.

If you are experiencing health problems or problematic symptoms, don’t go about it in the dark. The road to wellness can’t be traveled blindly; you need a clear map to healing. Let me be your guide to a better life! Let’s start with a no-strings-attached coaching call to figure out what I can do for you.

Take control of your health today. Schedule your free consultation call and discover the root cause of your symptoms. Remember, the first step to feeling better starts with understanding what’s going on inside your body. Don’t wait—let’s uncover the hidden problems in your DNA together.

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