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Heal Yourself from the Inside Out

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Why do 85% of people that go through a weight loss program

end up regaining or exceeding their previous weight?

Successful long term weight loss needs not only a personalized

meal plan to bring your digestion and hormones into balance, but also a change of lifestyle and mindset to repair your relationship with food.

Let me give you the tools and agency to transform your body and

be in charge of your health journey and weight loss transformation!

When you follow a meal plan to re-balance your digestive and hormonal systems, AND reconnect with your physical and emotional needs, you'd be able to drastically improve your health, loose weight, gain self-acceptance and develop a positive and healthy relationship with food. Most transformations take place in 30 days... That is why I have designed a program to change your health from the inside out.

Where we'll meet

This course takes places online. So you can be part of it from wherever you live.

You'll have access to:

  • 4 weekly group coaching sessions,

  • 5+ educational videos,

  • ONE 1-on-1 session with me,

  • Recordings of all modules,

  • Package of professional supplements,

  • Handouts for meal plans, recipes, guides, etc.

  • Guided meditations and mindfulness practices,

What we'll learn

Simple and straightforward techniques to gain internal physical and emotional balance. You will learn:

  • How to lose weight and keep it off,

  • How to keep your gut balanced and fend off 'bad' intestinal bacteria,

  • Which foods will keep your body, digestion and hormones healthy,

  • How Mindfulness-Based Eating transforms your relationship with food,

  • Practical tips on how to prepare healthy meals,

  • Advice on how to chose the best foods,

You can transform your weight, health and body by bringing balance to your digestive system, your hormonal levels, and by repairing your relationship with food. You will learn how to build a long-lasting healthy relationship with food - Reconnecting with their body, bringing awareness to food triggers and replacing any negative feelings related to food with positive ones.


Start Your Journey Towards a Healthier You!

"This program will change the way you understand and relate to food forever.

Learning this saved my life and I guarantee it will change your life too.

You will learn new eating habits, become a smart eater, how to switch your mindset and show just how strong you are and what you are capable of with the right tools and support."

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